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Our beef dishes are prepared with fresh, healthy ingredients, gently prepared for optimal nutrition. Available for carryout, catering and delivery.

Asian Beef Pot Roast


Beef tenderloin cubed and slow roasted with carrots, potatoes and...

Beef with Pepper and Onion


Sirloin stips stir fried with sweet peppers and onions, served...

Beef and Broccoli


Sirloin strips stir fried with fresh steamed broccoli,sauced with our...

Beef with Rice Noodles


Sirloin strips sauteed, tossed with fresh steamed vegetables, scrambled eggs...

Beef Fried Rice


Strips of beef sirloin stir fried with rice and eggs...

Cheese Burger Egg Rolls


We've married the best of American Chinese culture to offer...

Beef and Mushrooms


Sirloin strips stir fried with fresh mushrooms, tossed in an...

Beef Lo Mein


White meat chicken sauteed and tossed with linguini pasta in...