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Carryout at: 320 29th St unit 1b & 2 Change it ?

Sweet and Sour Chicken 大


Sliced chicken breast breaded with tempura flour and deep fried.

Teriyaki Chicken Skewers


Diced dark meat chicken marinated in our house made tropical...

Vegetable Egg Roll


1 per order, stuffed with cabbage

Cheese Burger Egg Rolls


We've married the best of American Chinese culture to offer...

Shrimp Tempura


6 large shrimp to an order, tempura battered and deep...

Pan Fried Dumplings


Made from scratch, 6 to an order, pork filling



Crinkle or waffle fries

Crab Ragoon


6 to an order. Served with your choice of sauce...

Chicken Wings


Crispy fried chicken wings, 6 to an order